Fear of the Superficial

All we are is our thoughts. What we think defines who we are. It defines our morals, our standards, our anguishes, everything. And you can change your thought patterns. This means you can change who you are if you want it bad enough. We are not what we wear, how we look, how much money … Continue reading Fear of the Superficial


I think it is important to understand why Donald Trump has been elected president and in my opinion it was a really a campaign of Classic American Government vs Anti-Government and Change. People voted for change, they don't know what they want exactly but they know what they don't want...a classic government. That is why … Continue reading Trump.


I love self-growth and self-improvement. Its the feeling of your mind expanding and opening and it becomes addicting because you want to know everything there is to know. You want to see how far the rabbit-hole goes. Currently, my latest project is my embarkment on minimalism and I must say it's the best decision I have … Continue reading MINIMISE

Be the Lion

One of my Facebook friends recently posted a status that read "It'd be interesting to hear some of the things that get said about you when you aren't around, it'd be interesting to see how much of it is bad/negative compared to the positive things." While yes it would be slightly interesting, I think it … Continue reading Be the Lion