Give Girls Their Virginity Back

Why is it so important to hold onto your virginity?

Why do romance novels aimed at the demographic of young girls portray the main character as usually a virgin and hype up her first time to the tenth degree? I understand and completely agree with the notion that your first time SHOULD be with someone that respects you but it doesn’t have to be ‘the love of your life‘.

“Sarah ‘lost’ her virginity” Sorry, but what exactly does that even mean? She has not lost anything. She has not lost part of herself or become a lesser person because of it. Having sex for the first time is scary enough without adding the fear of ridicule and gossiping on top of that! This perpetuates to men that they have won or found something by ‘taking’ a girls virginity. “I ‘took’ her virginity”… If the sex was consensual than you didn’t take anything.  By allowing men to think they have won or achieved something by having sex with a virgin it pushes rape culture by boys pressuring girls in to their first time when they may not be ready yet.

Stop coveting virginity for women, stop giving men some nonexistent power for taking a girls vitginity.

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