His Actions Speak Louder To Our Hearts

I’ve had guys drive almost 2 hours to visit me.

I’ve had guys squeeze my hand under the table, look me in the eyes and tell me that I look beautiful.

I’ve had guys text me all day every day.

I’ve had guys tell me “you’re exactly my type”

I’ve had guys go down on me for hours.

I’ve had guys demand to pull me closer at night and kiss my neck as I fall asleep.

I’ve had guys give me back massages voluntarily and ask to brush my hair and do it so gently.

I’ve had guys promise me they would never go back to their ex.

I’ve had guys blame their lack of commitment on their own daddy issues.

I’ve had guys stop messaging me back or return my calls within the space of a day.

I’ve had guys pretend that it meant nothing.

I’ve had guys that insist they made it “clear from the start” what they wanted when the signs said differently.

Ive had guys gang up on me when they’re around their mates after I stayed up all night to wipe their tears away.

Just because you say you don’t want anything serious doesn’t mean you can act like you love someone and still expect them not to get attached. It doesn’t mean you get to walk away with no explanation.

In my experience there are two kinds of guys when it comes to this;

The first kind is the nice guy that isn’t ready for a relationship but likes you enough to hang out with you and have sleepovers. They want to hold your hand and compliment you and see you most days but just cannot be in a relationship. But they are so sweet and do all these things for us so of course we can’t help but fall for them. It’s human nature. Stop putting the blame on us for having faith in someone and not ignoring all the romantic signals they put up. Why are we criticised for not second-guessing your actions. And criticised for being a hard bitch when we no longer believe anything a man says or does.

Ladies are made to seem stupid or laughed at when a guy changes his mind ‘out of nowhere’. Im sick of this whole generation  where when a guy tricks a girl into falling for him and then turns around and says “I told you from the start what I wanted”

The second kind of guys are those guys that say they really want to be with you but ________. They tell you you’re the one they want to be with and you wait for the bullshit reason they cannot, to dissolve. Again, stuck in limbo but so convinced and invested in this person because again it’s our human nature to believe each other. Why would they lie? Why would they want to hurt us? These guys are typically the more ‘fuckboy’ ‘player’ type. The intentionally cruel, out for one thing, don’t care who they hurt bitch type.

Men can’t have the best of both worlds, they can’t cuddle you and kiss your cheeks if they don’t want to commit to you. Don’t let them use you when they want but still not know where you stand. A real man keeps it 100 and never makes you doubt them.

DISCLAIMER: This is not for the men that say they just want to fuck and treat you like a friend. There’s nothing wrong with that when you act the same way you speak. 

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