Be the Lion

One of my Facebook friends recently posted a status that read
“It’d be interesting to hear some of the things that get said about you when you aren’t around, it’d be interesting to see how much of it is bad/negative compared to the positive things.”

While yes it would be slightly interesting, I think it is a deeper reflection of self insecurity.
If I may stroke my own ego, I believe I worded it nicely with my response which read
“People will never know you as well as you know yourself. This is why if you are happy with the kind of person you are, their opinions don’t matter. Lions don’t lose sleep on the opinion of sheep”

Mind my cliche, but I believe I had a moment of clarity in my response. I believe there are  few reasons people talk shit about others (feel free to comment any others you may think of, I would love to hear them)

  1. People are jealous of somebody else’s confidence or success so their initial response to avoid self reflection and change is to pick out the flaws in that person.
  2. People find that person annoying. Now this shits me up the wall because not everyone is going to be your cup of tea but unless they are being rude or upsetting other people, there is no reason to verbally hate on them because of their mannerisms.
  3. They are trying to impress the person they are talking to. Maybe it’s someone they’re attracted to or maybe it’s a boss or just a person they don’t know too well and they are searching for conversation topics. SPOILER: choose a better topic you boring asshole.
  4. Maybe the person they are hating on is legitimately a terrible person and they may or may not have had personal experiences with them before.

I’m hoping this also helps me to stop stressing about other people’s thoughts about me! 

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