I think it is important to understand why Donald Trump has been elected president and in my opinion it was a really a campaign of Classic American Government vs Anti-Government and Change. People voted for change, they don’t know what they want exactly but they know what they don’t want…a classic government. That is why I don’t call the American people stupid for voting him in.

I do not disagree in someone coming in and cutting through the bullshit. Apart from the environmental impacts it may have, I am excited to see what a business man will bring to government and I understand the appeal of #drainingtheswamp. I believe in the possibility of what trump represents; a change in structured, divided governments.

But amongst all this hype of a man who “tells it like it is” and a successful business man who wants to make America great again… people have forgotten who the man that represents all these ideals really is. A sexist, a racist, an xenophobic, islamaphobic, transphobic who talks freely about sexually advancing on women without their consent. Who has mimicked and mocked disabled people on stage, taunted a former miss Universe for her weight gain, talked about him somehow deserving a Purple Heart because he has made sacrifices. Who’s current wife stole an entire campaign speech off Michelle Obama and it got swept under the rug, who’s son has such little respect for the law he posted his ballot paper online illegally. A man who is happily endorsed by KKK members and pretends he knows nothing about white supremacy whilst calling all Mexicans criminals and rapists. A man who spreads change and hope for people who are just like him but fear and hate for anyone different.
Go ahead and elect a business man who tells it like it is and will know how to boost the economy… but I will NOT accept that is has to be Donald Trump. It does not have to be someone with a set (or lack there of) of values like his. You have just told an entire country that his actions are not only okay, but will let you become President of the Unites States of America.

I accept the idea of what he represents but I do not, and never will, accept Donald Trump.


Stay Full of Love,




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